Chabad of Indiana welcomes Jewish NBA fans to Indy! We’re not typically a tourist destination - so meeting you is a real treat!

Fortunately, YJP of Indianapolis has recently purchased a space for our activities in the heart of Downtown. We will be hosting Shabbat there.

Please join us for Shabbat dinner and/or lunch - catered by a local, excellent chef, who will put most big city restaurants to shame. 

We don’t know what to expect as far as attendance, but if there is enough interest, we hope to host Minyanim as well, so stay tuned!

We are often contacted by people who have questions while visiting Indianapolis.
Following are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Q: Do you have a kosher restaurant?


There is currently no kosher restaurant in Indianapolis. 

Here are some suggestions of people that can prepare kosher catered meals for groups or individuals:


Dina Hasten: 317-414-4381 or [email protected]

Parisa Keisari:  [email protected]  or  317-331-8366

Nancy Landman: 317-727-4444  or  [email protected]

Please contact them directly for their kosher supervision information.


Q: Are there any stores selling kosher food? 

A:  The Kroger supermarket, located at 86th St. corner Township Line Rd in the northwest part of town, has a very large selection of kosher foods.

Safeway Supermarket also has a selection of kosher items
5602 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Q: Is there an Orthodox minyan?

A: The Chabad Center for Jewish Life, located at  2640 W. 96th St. in Carmel, has a weekly Shabbat morning minyan, starting at at 10:00 AM, as well as on Sunday mornings, starting at 9:00 AM.

Congregation B'nai Torah, at 6510 Hoover Rd. (317-253-5253, has a daily minyan, mornings at 7:00 AM, and evenings just before sunset. Shabbat mornings at 9:00 AM. It is Nusach Ashkenaz, and a member of the Union of Orthodox Congregations of America (OU).

Congregation Etz Chaim (317-251-6220, has daily morning minyan, Monday-Friday at 7:00 AM, Shabbat at 9:00 AM (on Sundays they join the Chabad service). They are a Sephardic congregation, located on the JCC Campus on Hoover Road (in front of  Hooverwood).


Q: What hotels are near Chabad?

A: The closest hotels to the Chabad Center are the Holiday Inn Express and Red Roof Inn at  Michigan Rd. (HWY 421) and 96th St. During the week, they are about a 10 minute drive to the Jewish neighborhood.


Q: Does Indianapolis have an eruv?

Indianapolis has two eruvs enabling one to carry items outdoors on Shabbat. One surrounds the the neighborhood around the Chabad Center, as indicated by the red lines below:

The Holiday Inn on Michigan Rd. and the Red Roof Inn on Valparaiso Ct. are both inside this eruv.

The second is eruv surrounds the neighborhood of B'nei Torah. Click  here for an exact map of this eruv.


Q: Is there a kosher mikvah?

A: There is a kosher (bor al yad bor) mikvah adjacent to Congregation B'nai Torah. Call 317-253-5253 ext. 3 for appointments, or click  here for a complete schedule.


We hope you enjoy your stay in Indianapolis. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.